Ahh, my impromptu Spring Break #2 is over, and I’m back in Troy.

Of course, the food is never going to be quite as varietal or as great as home, but Troy does have a couple of treasures.

Today was not such a day to explore them. 🙁

I had a quick meal of broccoli and cheese to start off my day.

Dorm - Broccoli with Cheese

Broccoli and Cheese

For frozen microwaveable veggies, this actually pretty good. Me and the girls spotted this at Walmart – Green Giant’s new “Ones.” Perfect for the college kid.

I headed to Sage for a quick kip before an engagement. At the odd time of 4pm, there isn’t much food. I went for something familiar today.

Russell Sage - Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup

Err… I guess that’s soup. It tasted alright, but it was a bit slimy. Blitman’s rendition is much more fresh and better tasting.

After my engagement, I had dinner with the biochem gang. This week’s special in Blitman is cheese fries.

Blitman - Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries

I agree with R. – Blitman finds a garnish and uses it in every dish, whether is really makes sense or not. The scallions here are a bit of a stretch.

Blitman food is arguably the best on campus, but it does get tiring to the residents there. J. and I found a refreshing sandwich that’s a nice break from the usual entrees.

Blitman - Italian Sub

Italian Sub

Only about a month left before the cycle of monotonous food breaks again!


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