Today was such a nice day.

RPI - Base of the Approach

Base of the Approach

Stopping by Blitman for a quick break before my next engagement, I made some perogies seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper to eat outside.

Dorm - Perogies


Taking a dinner break while working on a project, Blitman had a surprise special today. I think I got the last one.

Blitman - Goi Cuon

Vietnamese Spring Roll - Goi Cuon

Although institutionalized food, Blitman’s chicken tenders are surprisingly the best I’ve ever had.

Blitman - Chicken Tenders with Fries

Chicken Tenders

Hazelnut is the only flavour of coffee I’m able to stand in the cafeterias – they once had Chocolate Raspberry, but alas, that didn’t last long.

Blitman - Hazelnut Coffee

Cuppa Hazelnut Joe

I gave in and got some ice cream. It was supposed to be cookies and cream, but it turned out to be a delightful surprise of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Blitman - Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

After dinner, I headed back up the hill to continue working on my project. Coming back down after finishing for the night, I tried to take some night shots.

RPI - Approach

The Approach

I’m surprised it worked so well. My camera isn’t too great at taking sharp images (you can just look at the originals of any of my photos, and you’ll see), especially in low light. I didn’t even use flash here, which is usually necessary to get a somewhat sharp picture in low light for my camera. The wonders of resting your camera on a flat surface and using a 10-second timer…

RPI - Approach

The Approach, Blitman, and Downtown Troy

Got a quick snack once I got back. I’ve been trying to finish up my gong sao bhagns. I only have one left now!

Dorm - Gong Sao Bhagn

Gong Sao Bhagn

Some frozen gummi worms were yummy as well. I like my candy cold – usually.

Dorm - Gummi Worms

Gummi Worms

Later on in the night, I got hungry again.

Dorm - Cauliflower with Cheese

Cauliflower with Cheese

Thank you Green Giant. 😀


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