After a rough start to my morning (power reset = alarm clock reset, spilling 100% acetic acid, etc.), J. and I made it over to Sage for lunch and the race to finish Diff. Eq. homework.

Russell Sage - Turkey, Mash, and Curly Fries

Turkey, Mash, and Curly Fries

Despite being room temperature like usual, Sage tends to be able to make decent turkey. And curly fries – you can’t go wrong with curly fries.

Russell Sage - Blondie


Sage has great blondies too! I don’t like brownies, but blondies are superb, especially the pieces from the edge. Although, it didn’t really taste like a blondie today, huh.

Later that afternoon, Ski (and Snowboard! Don’t forget us.) Club had a mini pole party. We just got a whole bunch of new K2 poles to replace our old bent poles – and these actually look really awesome. These photos were out of focus due to yours truly laughing so hard due to general tomfoolery. Ski-pole fighting anyone? 🙂

RPI - Setting up the Poles

Setting Up

RPI - The New K2 Ski Poles

On the Rack

RPI - Bent Ski Poles

Old bent poles that didn't manage to get donated.

We also fixed up skis and snowboards that needed repairs. Some of those repairs just make you go, “Really? How do people manage to do this?!”

M. managed to warn me too late about the grease covering these ski brakes. 🙁

RPI - Ski Brakes

Greasy Ski Brakes

We eventually looked at the clock and realized we had a short window of time to get dinner back at Blitman. We trucked it down there fast.

Mmmm. Bacon!

Blitman - Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich with Bacon

Good times, good times.


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