College dining halls are usually a hit or miss, leaning heavily toward the “miss side.”

Russell Sage - Some Quesadilla Thing

Some quesadilla thing.

Yeah. I’d say that was a miss. I love my food hot – this was barely room temperature. I usually microwave food like this, I didn’t even bother this time.

RPI - VCC South

VCC South

This is the ceiling of VCC South in RPI’s computing center (which happens to be a renovated church). I was goofing around as I was waiting for something during a social science experiment I was participating in.

I had a rather uninspired dinner after.

Blitman - Hamburger with Chopped Bacon and Fries

Hamburger with Chopped Bacon

I didn’t even feel like ordering slices of bacon. I just added bacon bits from the salad bar.

Afterwards, I was bombarded by really hard math.

RPI - Integrals


RPI - Sigmas and Exponentials

Sigmas and e's

RPI - Wave Equations

Miles of Differential Equations

There’s an overhead bookshelf sitting on my desk, with the perfect ledge to stick some post-it notes to. I love post-its, they’re handy for just about everything.

This was a new one I added today:

RPI - cos nπ = (-1)^n

Quoted for Truth.

In retrospect, I realized I didn’t really eat that much today. Huh.


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