Phew! What a busy weekend. So busy, I actually didn’t update. Sadface.

We’ll pick it up from the morning of April 24, 2010.

I didn’t actually go to sleep after posting – I was still awake to support J. in Relay for Life… in spirit. A bit bored out of my mind, I finally got around to sealing my snowboard for the season.

Snowboard Waxing

Bottom's Up.

Snowboard Waxing

Fro m the top.

I use some generic ski wax that smells gross to me (all the windows and doors get opened) and an iron A. gave me. It’s permanently a waxing iron – there’s no getting the wax off it.

Snowboard Waxing - The Iron and Wax

Iron and Wax

The huge cardboard under my board is the box my board came in when it was shipped. Perfect thing to catch wax scrapings. Even then, our floor is crazy fun after a wax scraping – you never know when your foot is going to come out from under you.

My poor board – there’s a decent amount of wear and tear after just one season. Dunno how it happens.

Snowboard Waxing

The Bottom.

After waxing my board, I went on a snack attack.

First, we had some perogies.

Dorm - Perogies

Salt and pepper makes up for the lack of a pan to fry them.

Then we had some gummies from Walmart. They’re a little creepy, I’ll admit.

Dorm - Walmart Gummies

Smiley Face Fruit Snacks

Finally, Girl Scout cookies anyone? I pilfered some Thin Mints from Jourdan. <3

Dorm - Girl Scout Thin Mints

Chocolatey Minty Goodness

I properly went to sleep at around 7 am in the morning, when J. also came back.

The thing with weekends is, my sleep schedule is so skewed that my eating habits become skewed as well.

When I woke up, I had a couple more perogies, and then some delicious Jerk Chicken from First Choice Caribbean American Restaurant down on Fulton street.

First Choice - Jerk Chicken, Cabbage, Plantains

Jerk Chicken, Cabbage, Plantains, White Rice

I went to pick this up a little too late though, so they ran out of rice and peas and had to settle for white rice instead. 🙁

Afterwards, J. and R. accompanied me out to a great night out on campus.

Fast forward to April 25, 2010 (the next day, really), and D.’s mother drove us to the mall. A bit of shopping later, I grabbed a quick meal after some pangs of hunger while waiting for the group to finish with their movie.

Instead of going to the three different Chinese places that are fighting for your attention, I went to Arby’s and had a nice French Dip Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich. Yeah, looks a bit processed but whatever, it was still pretty good at the time.

Arby's - French Dip Roast Beef and Swiss

French Dip

Thereafter, I got dropped back off at Blitman, and proceeded to study all night for my last Differential Equations exam before the finals. Oh, the snackery that happened…


First Choice Caribbean American
451 Fulton Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 266-9050


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