I tend to just drop things and let everything pile up on weekends. Plenty of art and a bit of food is on the way.

I also just realized that lately I’ve been posting up many more photos of things that aren’t food. Well, lately I haven’t eaten as much. Plus, there’s only so many photos I can take of the same dishes at Blitman thanks to an unchanging menu.

Moving on.

Every time I see new works in the DCC/Low Construction tunnel, I whip out my camera and snap a photo of it. I guess this can eventually grow to be an unofficial documentation of the art while they’re renovating.

Some of the greatest art and graffiti found on campus is created through spray paint and stencils. Bender from Futurama showed up one day.

RPI - Futurama


Some campus political propaganda showed up too – it’s one of the best poster art works I’ve seen. Unfortunately I only snapped very fast pictures and didn’t review them. I went back to take more focused pictures the next day, only to find that the posters had been torn down already.

RPI - Welcome to RPI

Welcome to RPI

The end with the heaviest message was also the one that was the most blurry out of all the photos unfortunately.

RPI - Welcome to RPI

Rise in Tuition

I had taken a photo of a path between two blooming trees. The next day, walking back from classes, I saw this web blocking the path. I don’t know if it was supposed to be an actual deterrent, but I just took it as more art.

RPI - Path No More

Path No More

I was so hungry that I ate half of this Italian Sub before remembering to snap a photo of it.

Blitman - Italian Sub

Mmmm... salami.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Like I said above, spray paint art here is amazing.

RPI - G'Day Ma'am

G'Day Ma'am

I wonder what this barcode actually leads to?

RPI - Scan Me

Scan Me

Proverbial insight and inspiration is to be found as well.



While I was hesitant to include this at first, it is definitely an underlying thought in the minds of many.

RPI - Beware


After some business at the Union, I trekked through a slightly sketchy part of Troy to arrive at Flavour Cafe & Lounge in Troy’s Little Italy. While their drinks are appropriately priced, the food is a little pricey. The staff working here are very pleasant though, and made me feel right at home.

I had this delicious sandwich called “The Gobbler,” which was hot turkey breast, stuffing, and cranberry mayo on grilled sourdough bread. Delicious. The cranberry mayo had large pieces of real cranberries abound. Even the chips were better than conventional Lay’s – they weren’t too greasy and had the perfect amount of salt.

Flavour Cafe & Lounge - The Gobbler

The Gobbler

I had a grande latte to go with my meal. It was a very decent, but strong, latte.

Flavour Cafe & Lounge - Latte

I like lattes.

Flavour even has a bookswap.

Flavour Cafe & Lounge - Bookswap


Meeting up with some friends that came down to visit me, we headed to Girl Talk @ ECAV, the title concert for this year.

Taken with my phone’s 2.0 MP camera, you don’t need stellar pictures to see how awesome it was. We were originally all the way in the front, but the guys around us were really pushy, so we just stayed in the back for the rest of the concert.

RPI - Girl Talk @ ECAV


RPI - Girl Talk @ ECAV

Gregg Gillis says hi.

After having some scrambled eggs and orange juice for breakfast this morning, I headed back to Blitman to crash.

After I woke up, I stepped out of my room and looked up and laughed. I hope that comes off.

RPI - RIT for Lyfe

No, RPI.

They say shoes can tell a lot about a person. These are mine, part of the aftermath of the night’s sojourns.

RPI - Aftermath

My kicks.

And now, here we are.


Flavour Cafe & Lounge
228 4th Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 266-9253


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