Currently, I’m in Washington DC spending Memorial Day Weekend with the family. Let’s catch up a little bit with old news first though, eh?

I don’t particularly like eating mangoes (mango flavored things perhaps), but my family does.

Cross Hatched Mangos

Cross Hatched

One of my favorite drinks of all time, chilled black herbal tea. Wong Lo Kat has a pretty delicious and refreshing rendition.

Wong Lo Kat

Wong Lo Kat

Y. makes some pretty mean pan seared Chilean sea bass. Yummy!

Pan Seared Sea Bass

I ate a bit before I remembered to take a photo.

I also received a lot of sample products at home while I was in school. The new Nescafe Taster’s Choice was one of them.

Hype vs. Flavour

Hm... I wonder to whom "Hype" refers to?

I expected them to send me this one little thing of instant coffee, but no, they sent me the whole variety pack. I was pleasantly surprised.

Nescafe Taster

There is choice!

It looks like real coffee and smells like it too. A little bit watery in taste, but it wasn’t half bad by any means.

Nescafe Taster

Vanilla Flavored Coffee, it is.

I actually wouldn’t mind picking up a box of this for school. Decent enough, just add hot water. I preferred the flavored coffees in comparison to their regulars (regular, Columbian Roast, etc). I think I drank half the sample pack while packing for the trip to DC.

Speaking of DC, we arrived at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. It’s pretty sweet, and a great deal right now (economy, I’m guessing). Somehow we’re “select guests,” and get a whole bunch of perks.

Omni Shoreham - Signage


The rooms are spacious, and the beds are oh-so-comfy. They have these nifty night lights on each side of each bed. Actually, I’m using one right now.

Omni Shoreham - Room

The "Smaller" Room

The toiletries are pretty nice, and obviously, this place is better than your standard hotel. Personalized TP anyone?

Omni Shoreham - Toilet Paper

It's like Hogwarts Toilet Paper

The gardens are gorgeous too. The last time my family came here, the sakura trees were in blossom. They’re bearing fruit now.

Omni Shoreham - The Garden

Top View of Gardens

The gardens have some pretty sweet huge hammocks, and a wildlife path to observe some bird feeders that were set up.

Some other trees were in bloom as well.

Omni Shoreham - White Flowers

Blossoms in Trees

Starving (it was near 5pm and I only ate a light breakfast), we checked out some nearby restaurants and settled on Jandara, a Thai restaurant.

Jandara - Menu

Space Age

Of course, we got some Thai Iced Tea.

Jandara - Thai Iced Tea


C. also got a pina colada as one of the Happy Hour drink specials. It was kinda weak though.

Jandara - Pina Colada

"Wait, it's not virgin?"

God, the curry puffs are to die for! These are the best I’ve ever had. Light, flaky crust with strong curry inside.

Jandara - Curry Puffs

Crispy Curry Goodness

They also gave us a cute tray filled with spices. We were actually confused by their sugar – it was sweet, but not as sweet as conventional sugar. Hm.

Jandara - Spices

Tray o' Spices

Very limited selection of curry. They didn’t have any massaman. We went for the yellow. Sweet and mild. I wanted a little bit more heat.

Jandara - Yellow Curry with Chicken

Yellow Curry

I went for another familiar dish, phad khee mao. Jandara has an okay rendition, but it needed to be stir fried a bit more. Give it that (what Chinese call) wok hei!

Jandara - Phad Khee Mao

Phad Khee Mao

I didn’t really like the Thai Noodle Soups. Heavy on cilantro (I’m on the anti-cilantro brigade), and the soup base was weak. It tried to be like a Vietnamese pho, and it didn’t really work.

Jandara - Beef Thai Noodle Soup

Beef Thai Noodle Soup

I’m not crazy about cooked fruit, like Pineapple Fried Rice with shrimp. It was okay though, but again, needed more of that wok hei.

Jandara - Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp

Actually served in a pineapple.

A couple of hours after that extremely early dinner (by our standards anyways), we headed out for some ice cream at Baskin Robbins and picked up some coffee and snacks at McDonald’s and a local deli.

I got some Baseball Nut ice cream – vanilla with nuts and a black raspberry currant ribbon. Some McDonald’s coffee paired well with my scoop.

Omni Shoreham - Late Night Coffee

McCafe to the rescue!

C. and A. picked up some snacks, including blue tortilla chips and guacamole while I headed back to the room early with my ice cream. Well, they thought it was guacamole. After a few odd bites, I noticed that it was guacamole flavored. No wonder the texture was all wrong.

Omni Shoreham - Chips and Dip

It was worth an attempt.

I’m looking forward to my complimentary tea and hot chocolate tomorrow. The tea is from Tea Forte and comes in pyramidal tea bags. The marshmallows that accompany my hot chocolate are supposedly homemade.

I’m hungry again just thinking about it. 🙁


2606 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 387-8876

Omni Shoreham Hotel
2500 Calvert Street NW (at Connecticut Ave.)
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 234-0700

Baskin Robbins
2604 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 483-4820


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