Hurrah! I am back after a long hiatus consisting of camp/work, and an amazing vacation.

By the way, I picked up a new lens – a Canon 50mm USM f/1.4 – and oh boy, it’s amazing. Most of the shots here were taken with this lens, while the kit lens was off being repaired.

Anyways, while I’m processing all the pictures from vacation and writing reviews, here’s a few tidbits  from camp, especially from our little (imaginary) pool party at Deb’s.

I worked for a camp situated on the campus of Villanova University.

Universitas Villanova

Universitas Villanova

It’s a tech camp, and I taught mainly programming and robotics.


How I kept my sanity.

Everyday, as I walked to work, this is what I saw.




I even found a few hiding places to have a peaceful lunch during the weekends.



Campus Corner, the local pizzeria, was a nice break from summer college food. They had some amazingly good hoagies and gravy fries.

Campus Corner - Gravy Fries

Mmm... gravy.

On my birthday, my friends even got me this delicious cake!

The Cake is Not a Lie

It was not a lie!

After camp ended, we all assembled at Deb’s for a barbecue. The running joke was that she had a pool. She didn’t. It’s okay though, because we all had a smashing good time.

There was so much food! The freshly grilled burgers were the highlight of my night – right before I had to pack and hop onto a 6:45 am flight to San Francisco the next morning.

Party Food 2

Munchies for the Beer

By the way, Deb has an amazing chess set.



Campus Corner
829 E Lancaster Ave
Villanova, PA 19085
(610) 527-3606


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